Installation and Fabrication of Geotextile Fabrics

Northern Geotextiles provides the installation and fabrication of geotextile highway fabrics for federal (U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, EPA, Federal Highway Administration, Federal Avaiation Administration), state and local (state departments of transportation, county and local highway agencies), and private (major waterworks suppliers) entities. We specialize in producing custom-made fabrics sewn to the specifications of each detailed plan. Our products arrive at the job site in shrink-wrapped rolls for ease of handling and installation. We furnish and install:

  • Reinforcing separation fabric and geogrid on highways, streets, parking lots, and airports
  • Overlay fabric on highways, streets, and airports
  • Riprap fabric and geogrid on dams, levees, slide areas, and large civil projects
  • Edge drain and underdrain on highways, streets, parking lots and airports

One of the main causes of pavement failure is the contamination of base materials and the resulting loss of base strength. Over time these sub grade soils migrate into the aggregate base causing a loss of support. Geotextiles offer a separation barrier between the materials adding strength while still allowing moisture to pass through the materials.